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Do You Have A Construction Project We Can Help With?

Specialists in Modern Precast Concrete Construction

FDG, Inc. has been consulting with Architects, Engineers, and Precast/Prestressed concrete manufacturers for almost 30 years. Our expertise in the industry is unmatched. Our project managers are eager to jump onto projects very early in the design phase and help coordinate the better Precast building. If your organization is in need of precast concrete expertise on your project, please contact FDG. We’re here to help.

Project Management

Our PM’s have 100 years of combined service in our industry!

Structural Engineering

FDG teams up with Architects and precast Producers to engineer the safest most efficient structures.

Drafting / Modeling Services

FDG has decades of experience on multiple computer platforms to draw and model your project.

BIM Coordination

FDG uses the latest in clash detection tools to ensure the fit up of trades way before boots hit the ground in the field.

Latest News

Please see below for the latest news at FDG and within the precast/prestressed concrete industry.

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