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Broomfield Recreation Center

Broomfield Recreation Center while at first glance is on the smaller side of precast projects for FDG, it is not without its unique challenges. Some of those challenges include:

  • The interior space is unfinished other than painting the exposed precast concrete, so hiding connections was of utmost importance.
  • 108’ long span double tees at roof of gym. All aspects of the design of these members, from the precast bed to storage to transportation, had special considerations.
  • 13” thick (4” + 4” + 5”) load bearing Carboncast Insulated wall panels with 30’ clear span.
  • A running track built completely off of the load bearing insulated wall panels in the gymnasium. The steel running track with a cast in place finished surface acting as a diaphragm to support the precast wall panels.
  • Five different depths of double tees to assist in clear space requirements in the different areas within the recreation center.
  • The extremely high level of BIM (building information modeling) needed to hide electrical, plumbing, and HVAC within the precast wall panels.
  • Raker beam and riser pieces within the pool environment challenged the teams concepts of connecting these elements together.

All in all this 326 piece puzzle went together very well and is set to open in 2020 for the residents of the City of Broomfield to enjoy for years to come!

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