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Schematic / Design Estimating

FDG possesses extensive knowledge and experience facilitating the creation and schematic development of precast structures. We are able to provide services ranging from simple design and layout to extensive design and 3D modeling. Accompanying this is an ability to accurately provide a take-off summary of products, D&E scheduling, and operations planning.

Structural Engineering

FDG’s specialty is partnering with precasters early on in project development to assert our experience and knowledge of precast structures during the design phase of a project. We have found over time this process of early involvement helps flush out problems and lends itself to a much more efficient use of precast concrete. Thus our customer and their customer see the savings of highly efficient yet very sound structural solutions.

Engineer of record services for private and public commercial structures with an emphasis in structures comprised of precast concrete structural and/or architectural systems is also a service FDG provides.

Precast Specialty Design

FDG’s expertise includes complete scope of precast design and detailing, scheduling/planning, estimating and project management. FDG will work with our customers to perform all of these tasks or a combination of these tasks. Though we at FDG prefer to work with our customers up front on a project and see the project to the very end, we will perform specific parts to any project depending on our customers needs.

3D Modeling

Includes 3D modeling of complex structures of all kinds including parking garages, office buildings, foundations, dormitories, among many others.

FDG is versed in a variety of 3D software packages; including AutoCAD, Tekla, and Revit, and clearly sees the use of 3D modeling as a means to providing superior engineering, drawing accuracy, project coordination, schedule and design team integration.

Recently FDG has been involved in the modeling of C.I.P. rebar using the Tekla modeling platform to communicate with other trades.

Inspection / Investigation

For aging structures or accidents, FDG will utilize our knowledge and experience to inspect and investigate any structural issue. FDG is specialized in concrete construction including repairs and rehabilitation of precast concrete structures. For other construction materials FDG can investigate and apply our engineering experience, and if necessary contact one of our industry friends for engineering collaboration to solve the problem.

BIM Coordination

FDG has successfully integrated with design teams as well as building trades (HVAC, electrical, plumbing) to allow penetrations through precast concrete or in many cases embed material within the precast concrete pieces.  With the use of the latest BIM tools on the market as well as very high level of collaboration with design teams and trades, the possibilities of achieving a fully developed BIM model are more real today than ever before.  One example of this collaboration for BIM is the Broomfield Recreation Center project. Roughly 70% of the insulated wall panels were cast with some kind of coordinated material in them which allowed the finished interior surface of the structure to be free of electrical conduit and plumbing.  The coordination included buried conduit and J-boxes for things such as speakers, light switches, light fixtures, scoreboard mounts, mounted TV’s, roof drains, fire extinguisher boxes, and wall outlets.  This project is a shining example of how BIM can come to life and provide owners with the clean finished concrete surface when desired.

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