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Burns & McDonnell Parking Garage

The multi-disciplinary firm Burns & McDonnell has built a new employee parking garage for their world headquarters in Kansas City, MO. FDG teamed with Coreslab Structures (MO) to provide the engineering and drafting services on this 655 piece total precast parking garage. Included in FDG’s services were project management, design development with the Burns & McDonnell team, as well as structural lateral design. One of the unique aspects of this project is the stair core and the utilization of “T-shaped” elements to support the precast stairs. The image in the lower right shows the landings of the precast stairs cantilevering out over the top of the horizontal beam portion of the “T-shape” element. These elements provided a very efficient way of support for the stairs while also keeping the stair very open for the occupants. An additional unique feature of this garage is the owner (Burns & McDonnell) also served as the projects general contractor, architect, and engineer. This streamlined design team made for quick design decisions and allowed for an accelerated schedule.

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Coreslab Structures (MO)


Burns & McDonnell


Burns & McDonnell


Burns & McDonnell

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Architectural load bearing spandrels.

Precast stairs bearing on “T-shape” supports.

“T-shape” supports at cantilevered precast stairs.

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