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Swedish Hospital Parking Garage

The noted parking structure for Swedish Medical Center just southeast of Denver provided the hospital with over 850 new spaces for its workforce. This structure paid homage to the existing architecture of the Swedish Medical Center campus architecture while also added some modern details. The prestressed spandrels utilized a horizontal reveal pattern broken at the column lines to mate up with precast brick wall panels at all four corners of the structure. The brick panels not only used traditional thin brick, but also used CMU cast into the precast panels to match existing structures on the campus.

FDG was able to engage early on with the design team to encourage the most efficient use of the precast elements. Also, FDG helped influence the use of the reveal pattern on the spandrels as well as make suggestions of best practices of thin brick on precast panels. The result was delivery of precast drawings to plant and product to the field ahead of schedule.

Overall this garage has 810 pieces of precast/prestressed concrete. Of the 810 pieces 65 of them are the highly detail sensitive thin brick panels that really command attention when visiting this structure.

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