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The Village Center Station III

The Village Center Station III project located in Greenwood Village, CO is a total precast structure attaching to one large cast in place stair/elevator core. This project is comprised of a total of 2,670 precast pieces including tees, IT and L beams, columns, slabs, architectural spandrels, insulated walls that serve as lateral elements, and one large transfer beam. The “point” projecting out over the parking garage is supported by a 2’-0” x 5’-8” tall prestressed transfer beam which supports 8 stories of the office building above the parking garage. The image at bottom right shows this beam prior to the above structure being erected. Other unique elements on this structure include radiussed spandrels, cantilever spandrels that form the 55 degree point at each end of the office tower, a patio area over the entry designed for landscaping loads. The patio over the entry was designed with 18” double tees to accommodate very tight headroom requirements for the entry way below. The entire design team and precast team worked very closely together to collaborate by sharing models and developing solutions in a timely manner to keep the project moving forward to meet the schedule. We at FDG are very proud of this structure, this may be the best looking building in the Denver Tech Center, head down and judge for yourself!

Project Details


Rocky Mountain Prestress


Adolfson & Peterson


Davis Partnership


S.A. Miro

Project Gallery

Completed structure, December 2015.

Transfer beam over garage. Arrow shows where column sits on beam.

Construction well under way. Garage on the left and office tower on right with CIP core in background.

Radius spandrel panels.

Cantilever Spandrel Support.

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